photo challenge.

I took this picture in October of 2014 when I visited my then-boyfriend in NYC, where he was completing his co-op placement. When I think of the theme “frame,” I think of changing your perspective a little bit and seeing things from a different angle. Framing your view with anything that you’re able to. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be meaningful or not, because I know that I already did a piece on changing perspectives, but I think it’s always an important lesson to continue to learn.


The photo is of some buildings seen from Central Park, framed by the leaves of the trees around me. I thought it was amazing how I could combine the nature and calmness of the park with the business and structure of the city. Both beautiful in their own way.

This trip to NYC was something that was difficult to do at times. I took a very long bus ride – by myself – to an unfamiliar place. I spent time alone in a huge city. Now, anyone who knows me knows how much of an accomplishment it was for me to get on the New York subway by myself and find my way to Central Park. I walked through the park for a little until I was too hot and too anxious to stay, and made my way back to the hotel with a Starbucks iced tea.

But while I was walking through this huge park in this huge city feeling tiny, I was looking for photo opportunities. I wanted to find something spectacular. Looking back now, it was the entire experience that was spectacular. It was me, having a good time on my own, pushing my own boundaries and looking for new things on my own. I barely managed to get any good photos, which is okay. Reflecting on who I was two years ago (wow, that was two years ago) and comparing that person to who I am now, I can see that I’m always growing. Wow, what a realization…/sarcasm/. But honestly, I don’t even know if I’d be comfortable going out on my own like that today. I’m working on it, that’s for sure.