This week’s photo challenge is “narrow.” I went for a walk today – the theme narrow on my mind as I walked through downtown on my way to the water. I noticed the alley outside the building I had my French class in where my professor would smoke a cigarette right before the lecture. I noticed the skinny dirt path beside the river. I noticed a tiny stick (or was it a weird looking bug?) that was hanging from a thin string.


I took this picture of a branch on a tree. I know that this image probably isn’t super inspired or anything; this perspective – while narrow in itself – is also quite widely used. But I had to narrow in my thoughts in order to really get this picture out of my walk. I really focused on this tree. I focused on the details of the branch, the fact that this branch went straight out and then curved upwards, and if I took the picture with my camera resting on the branch I could have it focus on the straight part. I don’t know where I’m going with this,

I’m just proud of myself for changing my normal narrow view of the world and going on a walk, by myself, in an area I’d never been before. It was close to where I always go and it was a very short walk, but progress is progress. I was only mildly anxious hearing strangers’ voices from a dirt path with empty beer cans on it.

OH. I guess that’s another thing. Narrowing your focus to the beauty? There are so many things that can make this world ugly and those things are so easy to focus on. Don’t necessarily narrow your view, but narrow the perspective sometimes – you could find something beautiful.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. – Aristotle