One of my best friends in this world – the first person I made friends with at university, my roommate as of 3+ years, the funny, nerdy girl who sleeps down the hall from me – shared something personal with me today. She let me read her writing. I was so honoured when she said she wanted me to read it, and it was really good.

I’ve been looking for inspiration in different places, lately. I’ve tried looking for inspiration in nature, in the way I present myself, in the way my room looks, within the artistic projects I’ve tried starting, and in the music I’ve been listening to. And now, with the writing that’s been shared with me.

I tried praying today. It was really short. It didn’t feel forced, though. I don’t really know what I want to say about that. My relationship with religion has always felt very complicated to me and I’ve struggled with believing in a higher power. I’ve always wanted to believe in God but it’s been too hard to really understand how that can be possible. Maybe I can find inspiration in these ideas that are really complicated to me. Somewhere.