Prompt? Let’s try this. The prompt is “Crisis.”

Working this year in a lot of mental health awareness and advocacy events, we’ve talked about being “in crisis.” Dealing with my own mental health struggles and visiting the school’s wellness centre frequently, we’ve also talked about being in crisis. Trying to talk through issues with my friend and helping her with her struggles, we’ve talked about being in crisis. I think it’s such a scary way to describe things.

Have I been in crisis before? It’s seemed like it. What did I do about it? I just lied there on my bed with my shoes on and didn’t eat for 3 days. I don’t know why sometimes things seem like they’re just too hard to accomplish. Dishes? Meals? Leaving the house? No thanks.

And one of the hardest parts is that we learn about all these resources we have, but when we’re actually at that point the last thing that we want to do (at least this is true for me) is call a crisis line or go into a clinic/wellness centre. I live alone, it’s too hard for me to do this by myself.

I want to write more but I’m bumming myself out, and my stomach is growling so hard I could probably eat half a bagel with cream cheese.