Hey. I guess this is my first blog post. I wrote my about me page. I’m trying to decide how I want this to go, because I’m not exactly a writer.

My friends have always been so good at writing and I was always jealous of them because I thought “wow if I was as good at writing as they were then I could look cool in coffee shops writing novels,” but – let’s be real – I also thought things more along the lines of “wouldn’t writing essays be so much easier if I could be talented like that?”

Anyway, I guess this is almost like a journey of learning how to deal with my anxiety. That’s what my whole summer has pretty much been about. Yeah, I’m learning how to live without roommates (for now at least, they’ll be back in September), and yeah I’m practicing teaching by tutoring some kids in the evenings (sometimes), but really I’m spending a lot of time at the school’s wellness centre talking about medications, crying, working at strategies, and crying a little more.

{was that a run-on sentence? probably.}

ANYWAY, yeah. I’m currently sitting on my bed (that I actually made, go me!), talking to my best friend from home on Facebook after a 4 hour Skype chat, and listening to Les Soeurs Boulay on Spotify. Figuring out what I want this blog to look like.

If there’s anybody out there, feel free to stop by and read more about what’s going on in my life. This was (kind of) an introduction to what I plan on doing with this blog. Read my About page if you want to know more about me as a person.

– a nervous kiddo